Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sea Glass Wedding Jewelry have been busy creating a lot of Bridesmaid and Bridal jewelry for destination weddings lately. It is such an honor to create something so personal and special for a bride, her family and friends! I thought I would share some of my most recent projects. The set above is a cluster style and by far the most popular! The two deeper teal were for the two Maids of Honor. The set below is similar but in aqua sea foam green

These are two different sets of lime green sea glass bracelets, each for wedding parties with 6 bridesmaids.

Below was a set made for bridesmaids in brown dresses. Brown is a popular color for summer weddings this year. I love the way they glow amber in the sun light:
The last set in cobalt blue was created for a bride who ended up going with a different design in white. I sold the earrings separately and the necklace will go into my shop: