Thursday, August 30, 2012

Custom Wedding Jewelry

The wedding season has been a lot of fun for me this year. I have worked with many creative brides who have a vision of what they want their bridesmaid jewelry to look like. I thought it would be fun to share some of this season's creations.

This set was designed to match a David's Bridal color called Pool. That is real, aqua blue sea glass combined with Swarovski pearls and light blue crystals.

The pearls were done in ivory to match the Bride's gown.

This was part of a set of three. One Bridesmaid was wearing Lavender, one was in Aqua.
 The Bride requested Purple accents on her necklace, earrings and matching bracelet.
This was a special request by a woman to be worn at her brother's wedding. The dress had a plunging neckline and she wanted something long to wear. The dress was champagne and pink.

 This is a set of four necklaces made from clusters of sea glass mixed with clusters of pearls. I have to admit that it was a challenge to make these. Each piece of sea glass moves independently of the rest of the necklace, so some had a tendency to flip around. It took a lot of help from my mother who is also a designer to get it right. In the end I was happy with the look, and I hope the Bride and Bridesmaids were happy too. Just please don't ask me to make another one.


This was a design by a bride planning a 
Lime Green and Navy Blue beach wedding. Just a week later I received an email from a bride who liked the look, but she was planning a Hot Pink and Navy Blue Wedding. So together we designed these:

Here is another Navy Pearl, this time combined with wire wrapped Sea Glass in Lavender. The other colors were gifts for the grandparents of the bride and groom. The Purple Bead in the center was for the Maid of Honor.
These were also by special request, Purple Crystals in three colors with Pewter Starfish.
Earrings to match

 I liked this set for the simplicity of using all white glass. The Bride said she was getting married on a hill overlooking Lake Michigan. It sounded so poetic!


I have really been inspired by the creative and unique color combinations that brides have been requesting the year, and some of my favorite items in the shop started as a special request from a bride with a creative vision of her wedding day. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of that process.

This is a set that I just finished that is looking for a good home. If you are planning a wedding (with or without a beach theme) I would love to work with you to design the perfect piece for you or your Wedding Party.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mermaid Wedding Jewelry

Here is a set for a wedding in Florida. I *love* this color of sea glass, teal green. The wedding planned requested six necklaces and sic bracelets.

In addition, they wanted a little bit of blue sea glass to give to the florist to twist into the Groomsmen lapel flower:

Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Wedding Jewelry

This set of five cobalt blue bridesmaids necklaces were actually made by accident. The bride was requesting this set, and I misunderstood. Oh well!

Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Bridesmaid Set

Set of 5 Royal Blue Sea Glass Pendants