Friday, December 31, 2010

I just returned from a week in Virginia Beach to visit family for Christmas. We took the train from Boston, which was long (14 hours) but otherwise not a bad way to travel. At least we dodged the storms and did not have to spend any time sleeping in an airport.

However, I went 10 days without making any new pendants and my inventory went way down. So last night I stayed up late wrapping 15 new pendants and my first ever bracelet. I also wrapped my first shell and also a piece of Wampum that I found last summer:

Wampum beads come from Quahog shells and have all kinds of historic significance.

I found it exactly like this, perfectly round and smooth at Hull Gut in Hull, MA. It is such a lovely piece, I am not sure what to charge for it. Also I am getting a little attached to it!

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