Thursday, January 20, 2011

Red Sea Glass

Just Listed for Valentine's Day!

This sea glass jewelry is made from a piece of lovely and rare red sea glass. I found it last December while on a solitary beach walk on a highly top-secret secluded sea glass beach. My pockets were full, and it was time to go home, but I decided to take one last sweep of the beach. This little piece was probably under water when I arrived, but the tide had receded about a foot, exposing this beauty.

Red is one of the most prized colors for sea glass collectors because it is very rare. According Richard Lamott's book Pure Sea Glass, the color is achieved by using a powdered form of gold chloride, which is an expensive process.
This particular piece is called "flashed glass", which is a manufacturing process that fuses layers of different colors together, in this case, a layer of red is fused to a layer of yellow. This was probably an economical way to achieve the look of solid red while using less red glass. This piece is at least fifty years old, probably much older.

This piece is wrapped in 14K gold filled wire and comes with a 24" gold filled chain and a nylon drawstring gift pouch. It can be viewed by clicking here.

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