Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What's New? Personalized Bridesmaids Necklaces!

 I have finally mastered the art of hand-stamping. For months I have wanted to give metal stamping a try, I even purchased all of the supplies. So I decided to put it at the top of my shop to-do list for the month of May and I am having a lot of fun. Now I am ready to add some other designs and graduate up from initials to words and full names.
  I have sold a few sets of personalized bridesmaid jewelry so far including the 6 pieces shown above.

I also decided to add some new backgrounds to the shop using driftwood. I live on a beach that has a small island just offshore, so at low tide my son and I walked out and collected some great pieces of driftwood. We had some real monster storms this winter and there is a fabulous collection of wood.
I think I am in live with the way the wood looks under my macro lens!

If I can make a custom set for you using real sea glass or these color coordinated frosted beads just send me an email:

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